About us
We have experts available to tackle every problem. Starting with scientific approach, diving deep into your data, customer data insight, your past or historical data insights, we predict both customer and prospect behavior using advanced methods.
Each member of our team is a specialist in his field with proven experience in multinational organizations. Since 2018, we have dedicated ourselves to helping organizations move fast, and break things.
E-commerce & Finance
Data Insight
Our data insight services support organizations with the collection, analysis and interpretation of customer data to draw out actionable insights for their business.
Data Visualisation
Data grow in an unprecedented rate. It is crucial to present the data in comprehensible way. Decision-makers and top-level management need to monitor performance without much effort on drilling down dashboards or spreadsheets. Our data visualization services include perfect reports and interactive dashboards in line with your business needs.
Revenue Management
Boost your revenue with access to real-time data that accurately predicts demand, giving your organization flexibility as well as provision of integrated decision support tools that help with precise recommendation. All together with relevant monitoring and alerting of your actual vs budget performance.
Corporate KPIs/OKRs
Objective and Key Results (OKRs) are defined as a metric that outlines company and team objectives along with measurable key results that define the achievement of each objective. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined as performance metrics that evaluate the success of an organization or particular activity. KPIs can apply to projects, programs, products etc. Let us help with OKRs/KPIs set up and their measurement.
Financial Forecasting and Cash Flow Management
Financial forecasting helps to understand the viability of business and give investors an idea of how a business will perform. Cash flow management is essential to your business operations. Combined with our wide-ranging experience gained, we can identify early warning signs in your organization performance or cash flow.
Knowledge Base
Knowledge base is a centralized repository where information is stored, organized and shared. The main benefit of creating and making a knowledge base available to end users is that it enables to provide in-depth, instant, on-demand information and answers. Our professionals will support your organization with definition of list of metrics, reports and dashboards, descriptions when used, all within single knowledge base.
Financial Management Services
Budgeting and Financial Tracking Services
A robust budgeting and financial tracking service include advanced budgeting and forecasting tools that help individuals or small businesses predict their future financial position. Features such as cash flow management, which helps clients track and optimize the flow of money in and out of accounts, therefore easing finance management. The service also includes personalized financial advice and recommendations based on an individual's unique financial situation.
Debt Management
Payment tracking and management tools, which helps clients to stay on top of their payments and avoid missed or late payments. This could include setting up automated payment schedules, tracking payment history, and receiving notifications of upcoming payments. CREATIVEMELONS might provide resources and advice on debt reduction, e.g. budget development, term negotiating with creditors, and exploration of debt relief options. This leads to better management of a debt, and ultimately reducing stress and improving their financial well-being.
Transactional Advisory Services
A financial service that assists companies in making informed decisions related to transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raising. The goal of these services is to help companies navigate the complex and often an uncertain process of executing a transaction, maximizing value, and minimizing risk.
Accounting and Tax
Accounting Outsourcing
We may outsource your organization's accounting to help you optimize the costs, improve the quality of accounting through the involvement of a team of high-level specialists, guarantee of ensuring the compliance of financial documents with respective legislation. We have experience with bookkeeping under various standards - CZ GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP.
Tax Advisory
Regardless of your company's business line, our tax team is always there to back you up. Our know-how allow us to bring you a complete set of tax compliance and advisory services in these fields: corporate income tax, personal income tax, transaction advisory (M&As), transfer pricing. tax compliance services. All supported by our tax adviser with +25 years of experience.